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If you dream of starting a custom modular home building company of your own, we’d love the chance to equip you with the tools you need to succeed!​

Impresa Modular was founded in 2008 following the Great Recession.

By leveraging our experience as a turnkey custom modular home builder in four states, we were able to start and scale a nationwide custom modular home building company. 

However, we found out that we were being overcome by our own success. We couldn’t serve all the customers that wanted to buy their custom modular home from us. That’s when Impresa Modular Franchising was born.

Impresa Modular Franchising was created to provide those in the building industry or those with a desire to join it, with the ability to succeed with off-site modular construction.

We talked with many builders and developers. ​We listened to what they were saying and to their struggles. We heard their concerns and their fears; grappling with skilled labor shortages, the hardships of marketing, selling, and building, and working so hard in their business they never got to work on their business. They had heard about off-site modular construction but there was little builder training or support available. 

That’s when we decided to do more — to offer consulting services and support the learning curve across the wide range of off-site modular construction modern building processes. Impresa Modular Franchising was created to provide those already in the building industry and those with a desire to join it, with the ability to succeed with off-site modular construction. 

We offer an extensive range of services, marketing, technology/software, processes, and support that enable our franchisees to rapidly become a proficient custom modular home builder. By providing solutions for all phases of the home building business, we empower our franchisee builders to quickly become competitive and profitable. 

We are laid back – but energetic. We are grateful for our successes – but still driven to do more. We want to continue to work with fun, excited, energetic and motivated people.

Is this right for you?

We’re excited about the opportunities in the off-site modular construction industry, but we recognize that the Impresa Modular Franchise Program is not for everyone. To help you determine if Impresa Modular might be the right partner for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you ready to be your own boss?

Are you tired of being told what to do – but still comfortable with following a system?​ Are ready to be in control of your own destiny? Your own time off? Your own income and equity potential? You need to be the type of person that enjoys managing your personal activity and schedule on a daily basis – yet can still adhere to a business system.

Are you already a home builder or do you have the drive and ability to learn about home design, construction, and project management?

We want to only work with individuals that have a proven track record. A track record that is not necessarily in home construction or building but in the core qualities we look for - they are:

  • Strong management experience
  • Excellent sales experience
  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • Exceptional time-management skills and the ability to multi-task
  • Optimistic
  • Readiness to learn and a passion to succeed.
  • A team leader

If you are already in the construction industry are you willing to learn a new method?

If you are already in the construction industry you must be willing to rethink construction. New ways are not wrong ways. Do you have the flexibility to learn a modern construction method that changes many of the core processes that you know and modifies project scheduling? Our role is to provide the resources and support you need to start or take your business to the next level with off-site construction.

Are you serious about growth?

Starting any business from scratch is difficult. Evolving from traditional construction to modern off-site modular construction won’t be easy. You’ll have training to do, skills to learn, and changes to make. If you are not willing to commit to the process, Impresa Modular is not going to be a fit for you.

Are you willing to give up the back office work?

Simple question right? After all, who enjoys all the paperwork, technical, legal, finance and insurance headaches associated with running a business? However, some people are not willing to give up control over the administrative work. But for those who are, Impresa Modular will allow you far more freedom to sell and serve your home buying client.

Are you concerned about going it alone and like the idea of a peer network?

If not, then a franchise is probably not for you. Studies have shown that true maverick entrepreneurs and risk takers are not the best franchisees.

Are you willing and able to make the investment?

Getting started with Impresa Modular Franchising requires a financial commitment on your part. We are looking for professionals with the ability to invest in themselves and their business. The investment commitment depends on a number of factors. Learn more about this in the Investment Requirement section.