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Are We About to See a New Normal in Home Construction?

Perhaps the most famous quote attributed to Henry Ford is this: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” While most people agree that Ford never actually said this, it does illustrate a great point. People don’t know exactly what they want until they see it. But once they see it, they will flock to it in droves. And typically when they do, it will happen fast! The main picture in this article illustrates this exact point. The picture on the left was taken on 5th Ave in New York in 1900. You see just one car. However, in just 13 short years there was a complete change. In that same area of 5th Ave in 1913 try and spot the lone horse.
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Should COVID-19 Make You Think Twice About Buying a Used Home?

COVID has also changed the way many people think about the livability of floor plans. Over the past 20 years, the move has been towards open floor plans. The kitchen, dining room, and family room have blended into one large great room. Formal dining rooms and living rooms have been disappearing from today’s home plans. But at the same time, today homes have become more energy efficient. Some of this can be attributed to stricter local building codes and requirements, while in other cases, it is just because building products have gotten better.
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Franchising’s Role in Helping Modular Building Grow

Ken Semler started Express Modular in 2008 and grew it into a regional builder of custom homes, small offices, and educational and assisted living facilities. Then, his company evolved into a national brand that sold modular homes on the internet in 42 states where the company is licensed and registered as a builder/contractor.

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Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough – Except When Building a Home in Most of the U.S.

How do you know that the new home you are living in meets current building code? Does your state observe a written building code? Does your state, county, or city require a building permit to build a new home? What does getting a building permit …
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Aim Small… Miss Small

“Aim small, miss small.” While some might think that was just a line from the Mel Gibson movie The Patriot, it was actually the advice

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Home builders today are struggling to build homes the old way. Imagine building a car in your driveway. That is exactly how most homes are built today, outside in the weather. All of the tools and the people that are needed to build a home have to go to the home site every day.

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Because it has been done this way for almost 200 years without change, the current process is ingrained in the industry. We know habits are hard to break. Until the pain of during it the current way is greater than the pain of changing to a better way, human nature is to continue on the current path.

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Building a custom home isn’t for the faint-hearted. It will take longer than you expect and the decisions go well beyond “Do you want heated seats and the Nav system?”. During the entire process, the typical home buyer will never ask what building code or version of the building code, the home is being built to meet.

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Fighting the Confusion – Blame the Frame

Today, more than ever before, we need well-designed, safe, and affordable housing. We can’t build homes fast enough to meet the current need for housing.