Impresa Modular Franchising

For Modular Builders

Take your business to the next level with marketing and business systems you need from the national leader in modular construction

As a member of the Impresa Modular team of franchisees you aren’t alone when it comes to solving tough business challenges. 

We can help you fully benefit from the modular construction method by leveraging our sophisticated marketing and sales systems allowing you to focus on growing your business!

Are you an existing modular home builder struggling to succeed? Is your factory not giving you the support and service you need? Is lead generation a problem?

Impresa Modular Franchising provides existing modular home builders like you with the tools and business systems you need to grow your business. As a building system, modular construction is only as good as the business systems you use to deliver it. We can help you:

  • Increase lead volume
  • Reduce construction errors and improve build quality and consistency
  • Improve performance of the project team
  • Provide tools to track everything
  • Improve the marketing and sales processes to quickly get to contract for custom homes
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Instantly get the internet dominance in every city you build in when you become an Impresa Modular franchisee

How you ask? Our website ExpressModular.com generates more leads than we can handle! With our expert SEO and landing pages targeted to cities nationwide we are able to feed you leads specific to your territory. And your business will grow with access to our unique lead follow up system.
We focus on the parts that you aren’t an expert in so you can focus on the parts that you are an expert in.
Modular construction can speed construction by as much as


In the right environment modular can cut costs by


Modular construction can cut materials waste by a staggering



Are you ready to improve your modular business? Here are a few ways that you will benefit by becoming an Impresa Modular franchisee:

  • We give you access to unparalleled drafting and design services that are fast and efficient with eye popping renderings and elevations to capture customers from your competition.
  • We will feed you leads from our website, ImpresaModular.com, the most trafficked modular home site in the country!
  • You will leverage the marketing machine and prospect follow up that sets Impresa Modular apart from all other modular builders
  • We handle your social media marketing.
  • We supply you with tried and proven systems to manage your business.
  • We can provide field support to help you improve the process of building modular from delivery to completed home
  • We have opportunities that only come to national builders and you get access to them when you join the Impresa Modular team

Don’t wait - once your territory is gone it’s too late!

Join the team that dominates modular across the U.S.

Got questions?

Becoming a franchise builder is a serious commitment, and you will probably have questions prior to joining.

The Awarding Process

From start to finish we outline seven steps of the approval process so you know what to expect along the way.

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Investment Info

Are you wondering what it takes financially to become an Impresa Modular Franchise? Read on for an overview...