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Model Home Lease Back Program

Build a model home, stage it and operate your modular home construction business right from the model home

Homebuyers often request to tour an “actual Impresa Modular home” so they can see with their own eyes the quality and craftsmanship they will be getting should they choose to build with Impresa Modular.

As an Impresa Modular Franchisee, you can purchase any of our model homes, and lease it back to your business. You can use your model home as a sales center and office for an allotted amount of time and then convert it back to a single-family home for sale.

The Many Benefits of buying an Impresa Modular Model Home

All “Impresa Modular Model Homes” feature all the many benefits you enjoy from “modular construction” along with the highest technological upgrades, beautifully designed decor, and a variety of other features.


Models are usually built in the most ideal locations. Model homes become a “travel destination” for the curious home buyer wanting to actually see and tour a Modular Constructed Home.
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Impresa Model Homes are crafted with all the available upgrades and are decorated by professional designers. Our gorgeous design options are created to WOW the buyer.
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Long term investment

You may choose to keep the Model Home as a rental property, after your builder’s lease ends, which means continuing to receive a monthly rental income.

Leaseback opportunities

One option to cover the Model’s mortgage payment is to finance the Model home thru a separate company or with investor capital. The model can then be leased back to your modular construction business at an increased rate.

Model Home Projected Project Math

Based on a Retail Appraisal Value of Home Targeted at $160 per square foot 1 Square Footage:2 2252
Cost of Home to Build is Calculated at: 83% (wholesale – includes lot) 3 Day 1 Estimated Equity = $61,254 (at closing)


Assuming a conservative 7% yearly (retail equity gain) 4
$360,320 + YR 1 = + $25,222 + YR 2 = + $26,988
$360,320 + 25,222 + 26,988 = $412,530 – $299.066 =

Projected Profit $113,464
(end of yr.2)
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[3] How Much Profit Does a Builder Make on a New Construction Home?, Cohesive Homes
“The average profit on new construction homes varies every year. For example, the gross profit margin for custom home builders in 2018 was 19% to 20%, which rose to 21% to 23% in 2019. Because of the slow economy in 2020, this range dropped to 15%-18% during the year. 2021 started with a bang though as more and more people sought to get a home built, bringing the average back to 21%-23%. The net profit for contractors amounts to roughly 6-9%.”https://tinyurl.com/29x82yvd

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