Impresa Modular Franchising

for Veterans

If you are a U.S. military service man or woman we want to help you achieve your dream of owning your own business.

As a Veteran, your training has prepared you to support our brand’s mission of using modern modular construction to deliver healthier, more comfortable, and better constructed homes to families. Your training means you are also called to support a higher standard. Your leadership qualities paired with our modular construction experience and industry leading website means you can quickly dominate your local home building market.

The custom home building industry needs veterans with the entrepreneurial spirit

As a Veteran, your training means you are skilled at adapting to a changing environment. Modular construction is revolutionizing the way new homes are built. That requires a builder with a mindset to thrive in an industry of change.

  • Licensing and building codes for new construction vary widely by state and locality and can create challenges
  • Using traditional construction means coordinating, scheduling, and funding suppliers and subs… if you can get them to the jobsite
  • You have heard about modular construction and it sounded like a good way to become a home builder, but you just didn’t know where to start
  • Modular factories are manufacturers, not builders — they offer little to no support to help with field construction
  • Joining the home building industry means learning a new vocabulary, new terms, and figuring out an efficient supply chain
  • It’s hard to break into construction without a background in field construction or a mentor to help
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Couple an entrepreneur’s 5 key traits of Passion, Resilience, Flexibility, Vision, and strong sense of self with a Veteran’s traits of respect, integrity and trust and you have an unbeatable combination

Veteran owned businesses draw more customers. Let modern modular construction be your vehicle to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

  • You can utilize modular construction as the modern method of home building that it is and reduce your dependency on labor (which is in short supply) and promote faster construction
  • Become a custom home builder without shouldering all of the risk as you work your way through the learning curve of your new line of business.
  • Scale your home building business much more rapidly by leveraging off-site modular construction
  • Take advantage of a modern way to build
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By joining Impresa Modular Franchising, you will get the tools and business systems you need to quickly become a modular home builder

  • We will feed you leads from our website, ImpresaModular.com, the most trafficked modular home site in the country!
  • You will leverage the marketing machine and prospect follow up that sets Impresa Modular apart from all other modular builders
  • We handle your social media marketing
  • We supply you with tried and proven systems to manage your business
  • We enable you to become a builder without having to develop dozens of new subcontractor relationships
  • We mentor and train you. We teach you how to use modular construction. We are your coach throughout the process
  • Immediate factory relationships and design support means you hit the ground running as a new custom modular home builder.
  • Many of your code compliance issues are solved because the factory builds to state building code

Don’t wait - once your territory is gone it’s too late!

Join the team that dominates modular across the U.S.

Got questions?

Becoming a franchise builder is a serious commitment, and you will probably have questions prior to joining.

The Awarding Process

From start to finish we outline seven steps of the approval process so you know what to expect along the way.

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