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Impresa Modular Franchising

For Architects

Use modular home construction to extend your business into a full service Design/Build firm

When you join the Impresa Modular team of franchisees you become part of a network that has established itself as the leader in off-site modular construction. 

As a custom modular home builder, we show you how to use modular construction to leap frog your local Design/Build competitors.

Architects have struggled to transition from design to home construction for many reasons

Now you have the opportunity utilizing modern modular construction and the proven experience and systems from Impresa Modular to quickly become a Design/Build firm. We can help you find a way to give your clients a full service solution while adding a profitabl extension to the business you enjoy!

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Delivering a design in the field has never been harder with today’s skilled labor shortage in the construction industry

87% of home builders report difficulty completing projects on time due to labor shortages

Modular enables you to become a builder without having to deal with all of the subcontractors typically required of a site builder. With off-site modular construction, the construction process is turned into a manufacturing process. This means that unskilled labor can be trained to perform tasks in factory

These tasks are done by the same workers every day as part of a repetitive process that is overseen by supervisors and checked by inspectors.

A factory environment has many other benefits such as increased quality control and locked in pricing on building materials. To learn more about the many benefits of modular construction, read Why Modular Construction?.

Did you know?

A recent 2019 NAHB survey found that energy-saving features topped home buyers' must-have lists. The modular construction process already produces highly energy efficient homes and every Impresa Modular home plan already comes with many green points as standard.


Let Impresa Modular Franchising provide you with the tools and business systems you need to become a modular home builder:

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Join the team that dominates modular across the U.S.

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