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The Awarding Process

Follow these seven steps, and you will be on your way to becoming a custom modular home building franchise owner with Impresa Modular

We take this process seriously because we want to make sure that you are prepared to build a successful modular home business

This seven step process of application and discovery not only protects us as the franchise company, but also protects you as the entrepreneur by ensuring that you understand the requirements and meet the qualifications. We want to set you up for success!

Seven Steps to an Impresa Modular Franchise Award

Step 1: Information Request

Complete the Request Info form and download our free Franchising Report: The Path to Success With Off-Site Construction

Step 2: Initial Review

A member of our Business Development Team will contact you to discuss your initial inquiry and conduct a short pre-qualification interview. You will also begin to receive detailed information about the Impresa Modular franchise opportunity.

Step 3: Application Questionnaire

You will complete Franchise Application Questionnaire and will begin the necessary due diligence researching your Impresa Modular Franchise Opportunity.

Step 4: Franchise Disclosure Review

If pre-approved, we would provide our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and give permission to contact existing franchisees. You will engage a franchise attorney at this point to assist you with the review and understanding of the contents of the FDD we provide.

Step 5: Franchisor Call

This call is with your Business Development Team member and the Founder and CEO, Ken Semler. We will discuss your goals, your background and whether it appears there is a fit between our opportunity and your long-term goals. If you are ready to move to step 6, you will complete Part 2 of the Franchise Application.

Step 6: Discovery Day

If you are pre-approved, we will then schedule you for a Discovery Day Event to meet the Impresa Modular founder, and the Impresa Modular Franchising management and support team. First, you will arrive the night before ready to start our Discovery Day process. The next day we will meet for breakfast and then tour a nearby modular home factory. After lunch, we will tour a second factory. At the conclusion of that tour, you will drive to Martinsburg, WV. You will have dinner on your own that evening. The next day we will meet at our nearby Sales and Design Center for discussion and questions. We usually are finished by early afternoon that day. We will cover the cost of your hotel and meals. You are responsible for airfare/travel.

Step 7: Final Approval & Franchise Agreement.

We will award your territory, execute the Franchise Agreement and Schedule training. Our training is broken into 4 stages: Online, Classroom, in the Field, and Ongoing.

The average length of time to complete steps 1 to Step 7 is 45 days.
The expected time from signing of agreements to office opening is 8-16 weeks.