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Impresa Modular Franchising

For Subcontractors

Off-site modular construction provides you with the means to successfully step into the role of a custom home builder/general contractor

Impresa Modular will support your leap to the next level in home building. As a franchisee, you not only get project support, but you also get instant access to leads from our marketing tools, and immediate access to the best modular factories in your area.

We can help you take full advantage of modular construction to cement your place as a leading custom home builder in your local market. 

Are you a subcontractor that has spent years working for general contractors? Have you been amazed at the chaos?

Have you showed up on jobs that weren’t ready or where materials weren’t there so you could go right to work? Have you often thought that you could do a better job but the process of becoming a general contractor seems overwhelming…

For years you have worked with custom home builders and have seen all of the mistakes they make. Impresa Modular gives you the opportunity to successfully become a custom home builder yourself and do it better than the builders you have been working for. 

Have you heard about modular construction but you just don’t know where to start?

Modular factories are manufacturers, not builders — they offer no support to help with the field construction aspects of becoming a modular home builder. This is where we can help!

First and foremost, Impresa Modular IS a builder and the only nationwide modular builder in the country. We are licensed/registered/certified in over 40 states. Our experience includes rural sites, infill sites, building homes on pilings, building homes on mountains, and everywhere in-between. 
Modular construction can speed construction by as much as


In the right environment modular can cut costs by


Modular construction can cut material waste by a staggering



Are you ready to transition from subcontractor to home builder? Here are a few ways that you will benefit as an Impresa Modular franchisee:

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Join the team that dominates modular across the U.S.

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Becoming a franchise builder is a serious commitment, and you will probably have questions prior to joining.

The Awarding Process

From start to finish we outline seven steps of the approval process so you know what to expect along the way.

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