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for Women In Construction

Pursue a Path of Business Ownership with Tremendous Growth Opportunities!

Impresa Modular Franchising provides women with the perfect on ramp to entry in the construction field. Start down the road to financial independence today!

Whether you’re furthering your passion for designing and building custom homes or accomplishing your goal of owning a business, an Impresa Modular Franchise could be right for you.

The need for more home builders and trade workers creates opportunities for women to enter and advance in many areas of the construction field.

Impresa Modular Franchising create the opportunity for woman to enter the home construction industry in an ownership capacity. A capacity that very few women reach in the construction field. As the owner of a custom home building company you can put your design ideas, your management skills, and your unique abilities to work in a way that will directly support your financial and career goals and in addition, support the housing needs of your community.

Increasing the overall number of women working in construction also helps to fill the immediate gap in the labor force that is being created with the record-levels of upcoming retirements within the home building industry.

Women can succeed in modular construction!

Impresa Modular Franchising offers the opportunity to bring more women’s faces, voices, and stories to the forefront

It’s hard to believe that while we have celebrated female pioneers in so many other fields–women who broke through glass ceilings and advanced into business, politics, art, and science–we rarely acknowledge women breaking the mold in home construction. In the fight for occupational freedom for women, builders and workers in home construction are indeed unsung heroes.

Women in construction organizations and blogs:

Some highlights of owning a home building business:

Interior Designer juggling work
Statistics of Women in Construction


Out of the over 10 million construction workers in the US, a little less than one million are female. Even more unbalanced is when you look at the percentage of female construction laborers actually in the field; 1%

Women working in construction numbered 1.3 percent of the entire U.S. workforce in 2015.

Source: https://www.bls.gov/opub/reports/womens-databook/2016/pdf/home.pdf, Table 13

Women in the U.S. earn on average 81.1 percent of what men make. The gender pay gap is much narrower in the construction industry. In construction, women earn on average 95.7 percent of what men make.

Source: https://www.bls.gov/opub/reports/womens-databook/2016/pdf/home.pdf, Table 19

Modular construction can speed construction by as much as


In the right environment modular can cut costs by


Modular construction can cut material waste by a staggering



At Impresa Modular Franchising, we envision a world where more women are utilizing their talents and abilities making a living in the custom home building industry.

Whether working in home design, construction management, or in the field. Owning a franchise location gives you the option to use your skills and abilities where they are best applied for your success!

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