Impresa Modular Franchising

For Commercial Builders

Use off-site modular construction as your gateway into the field of custom home building

Are you a commercial builder that wants to start a residential construction business? Or maybe you work for a large commercial builder and are ready to become your own boss?

Impresa Modular Franchising can give you the support you need to successfully launch a new business while implementing a new building system using modular construction techniques. 

You may already have commercial construction experience but you will find many differences with residential construction

 The differences are not just found in construction and building codes, but also in new processes:

  • Consumer clients vs business clients
  • Lack of consistency between the houses built
  • Poor performance by the project team
  • Non-standard contract documents
  • Small subcontractors
  • Keeping track of everything
  • New bidding and estimating processes
  • New government regulations
Illustration of confused architect trying to learn modular!

We can give you critical reinforcement to the skills and abilities you already have based on your experience as a commercial builder

Our franchising model can help you:

  • Use a new method of construction that brings a semblance of order to chaotic custom home construction
  • Build more homes within current labor resource constraints of the construction industry
  • Reduce dependency on subcontractors
  • Minimize the number of suppliers and subcontractors to reduce project complexity

87% of home builders report difficulty completing projects on time due to labor shortages

Modular construction can speed construction by as much as


In the right environment modular can cut costs by


Modular construction can cut material waste by a staggering



We created Impresa Modular Franchising to provide builders like you with the ability to succeed with the conversion to modular home construction

  • Many of your code compliance issues are solved because the factory builds to state code
  • You gain better control over your project scheduling and deliver more homes faster
  • Your labor problems are mitigated by the reliable factory construction environment
  • You have better control of your costs by locking in pricing on 65% - 85% of your home materials
  • We supply you with tried and proven systems to manage your business
  • We handle your website and social media marketing
  • We will feed you leads from our website, ImpresaModular.com, the most trafficked modular home site in the country!

Don’t wait - once your territory is gone it’s too late!

Join the team that dominates modular across the U.S.

Got questions?

Becoming a franchise builder is a serious commitment, and you will probably have questions prior to joining.

The Awarding Process

From start to finish we outline seven steps of the approval process so you know what to expect along the way.

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Investment Info

Are you wondering what it takes financially to become an Impresa Modular Franchise? Read on for an overview...