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Industry articles and updated about the benefits of off-site modular construction

Bainbridge modular home
Industry Insights

Bringing Custom Back to New Home Construction

Today’s modular home design capability means you can get the details you want to make your home a reflection of you. Modular construction is the perfect way to provide a truly custom home at an unbeatable value.

Gorilla lying on bed
Industry Insights

Modular Homes: The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room

Modular has now become the way forward for the home construction industry. Gone are the days when a “stick built” home was defined as the best way to build a home.

Modular Home Rendering
Industry Insights

Modular Means More

The changing construction labor force and demand for better and consistent quality are now driving the entire custom home building industry to find a better solution. Home buyers and home builders alike are learning that Modular Means More!

Industry Insights

Construction Labor Shortage Has Direct Impact on Buyers

The construction industry is already feeling the results of the lack of labor in the field. The inability to staff construction jobs, the increased wages that have to be paid to attract workers, and reduced or missing skills set that the workers hired actually possess.

The only thing scarier than change is regret
Industry Insights

The Twenty Year Regret

Using modular construction is a choice. Modular construction means you get the chance now to build a beautiful home that ensures outstanding levels of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability.