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Why modular construction?

Modular construction is not only faster, but provides extremely energy efficient structures at level of quality that is difficult to match with onsite construction.

Modular construction delivers more with industry leading technology

The processes of modular construction are very different from those of on-site construction. Many people who are new to off-site construction learn about the modular construction method and choose it because of its three main benefits:

  • Factory Built Quality and Efficiency
  • Better Value for the Builder and the Customer
  • Faster Construction Timeframe

Factory Built Quality & Efficiency

Across the range of off-site construction methods, modular is the one that is the most complete from the factory – up to 85% in some cases. One of the biggest advantages of modular construction is that it has taken the outdoor construction process and turned it into an indoor manufacturing process. 

Better Value for the Builder and the Customer

Construction labor productivity is falling rapidly in the U.S. In America, about the same number of housing units were built in 2016 as in 1992, but it required about a 46 percent increase in labor to accomplish it. Labor productivity with modular has shown an increase of 30% on off-site projects when compared with on-site projects. Ultimately, risk is reduced with off-site construction.

Faster Construction Timeline

The extended timeframe of traditional on-site construction not only exposes you to weather risks, but also leaves you at the mercy of market swings and customer fall-out. Modular construction can reduce timelines by 30-50 percent or more. This means shortening your construction loan and thus reducing the financing costs of the project for your customer.