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Franchising’s Role in Helping Modular Building Grow

Ken Semler started Express Modular in 2008 and grew it into a regional builder of custom homes, small offices, and educational and assisted living facilities. Then, his company evolved into a national brand that sold modular homes on the internet in 42 states where the company is licensed and registered as a builder/contractor.

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Impresa Modular has essentially become the Amazon model of custom modular residential home construction in the U.S. We got there by using our top-ranking website and primarily focusing on doing the design, order management, delivery, and installation of modules across the country.

To do that, we have to coordinate with local contractors for the on-site portion of the build. And, like Amazon, we knew the next logical step to grow our business was to get brick and mortar locations, and we believed the best way to do that was to provide our brand and our systems, coupled with the missing training, bundled as a franchise opportunity.  

The custom home building industry is hyper-fragmented. Many small builders are busy building and focusing on the day-to-day operations of their company. They have little time to market and don’t have good systems, or maybe any systems, in place. Because they’re small, they don’t understand the technology and don’t have the resources to get it or the knowledge to deploy it. A franchisee gets systems. They get access to a rich and working website that already ranks high in their build area. They get follow-up marketing and sales processes. They get a building management system that works for the franchise. Instead of builders trying to figure it all out themselves, they have the support of a national brand. With a franchise, they still have to perform to be successful, but many of the roadblocks that have kept them from achieving earlier success are removed. 

Read the complete article at ProBuilder Magazine Online: https://www.probuilder.com/interview-semler

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