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Join Us at IBSx 2021 for Daily Webinars

Join us for daily webinars at IBSx 2021
Ken Semler and the Impresa Modular team – will be hosting webinars twice a day. RSVP below to receive links to join at any time. We hope to see you there!

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11:00 AM (EST) Every Day
Franchising with Impresa Modular
25-minute presentation with Q&A session

2:00 PM (EST) Every Day
Finding Success the First Time With Modular Construction
45-minute presentation with Q&A session

Modular construction is in the news. Builders and developers are struggling to find labor and manage escalating material costs. Offsite modular construction is a method of building that takes advantage of the efficiencies of a factory to reduce labor in the field and to control costs through bulk purchasing and a more efficient supply chain. Construction is turned into a highly efficient manufacturing process!
Through these seminars, as a builder, you will learn how to harness the power of offsite modular construction in combination with the nationwide brand of Impresa Modular to become a custom home building franchise. As a developer, you will learn about the advantages modular construction provides as well as see examples of projects where modular construction and benefit you.

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